Brett Schneider Magic

Award winning magic performance, illusion design, and magic consultation for the stage and screen. Bring magic to your next event, private party, or theatrical production.

Discover which option is best for your next event.

Close Up • Stand Up • Stage

Close Up Magic

Brett specializes in close-up performance, where the magic happens right in front of you, around you, and even in your own hands.

Sleight of hand expertise, mind reading, and impossible illusions are on display as Brett leads an intimate audience through many different facets of magic, including a history of the deck of cards, how to cheat at poker, and experiments in ESP (extra-sensory perception).

There are two options for close-up performance: stationary or strolling.

In stationary performance, Brett will remain at a small card table performing magic continuously throughout your event as guests approach the show and participate at their leisure before moving on. 

In the strolling magic option, Brett approaches small groups of people and performs a few minutes of powerful magic before moving onto another  audience.


A magnificent central performance! Schneider’s ability to communicate and make intimate contact with the audience is it’s own kind of magic.
— The Hollywood Reporter

Stand Up and Parlor Magic

Stand up magic, or 'parlor' magic, is the best option for clients that want to put on a show that can play to a crowd but does not require a stage or other theatrical set up. This option is ideal for dinner parties, nightclubs, social clubs, or other comparable spaces.

With minimal set up, Brett can deliver a 30, 45, or 60 minute magic performance that showcases his sleight of hand as well as larger illusions that can play to a packed house. This show relies heavily on audience participation and is an experience that many won't soon forget.

Schneider is a charismatic and appealing performer, impressive as both an actor and a magician.
— LA Weekly

Stage Magic

For breathing-taking illusions in a theatrical setting, nothing beats the impact of a full-scale magic show. Stage shows are customized and developed for each event and may depend on the technical capabilities of the performance space.

This option is appropriate for banquet halls, concert spaces, conventions, and other venues that wish to add unique live performance to their playbill.

For more information on stage magic options, please contact Brett directly. If you wish to incorporate stage magic into your own performance, concert, or play, please visit the Illusion Design page for more information.

With simmering charm and skill, Schneider wows us with feats of magic.
— The Tolucan Times