Brett Schneider Magic

Award winning magic performance, illusion design, and magic consultation for the stage and screen. Bring magic to your next event, private party, or theatrical production.

Elegant solutions for impossible situations.

Illusion Design • Magic Consultation • Sleight of Hand Instruction

Looking to add magic to your production for the stage or screen?

Brett has made characters appear and disappear, levitate, and dissolve away in front of live audiences. He has created onstage decapitations, made objects fly across the stage, and produced live hauntings and séances. Whatever the occasion, Brett will help you bring your moments of magic to life and within the constraints of your budget and schedule.

Need an actor to look like a pro?

Brett can teach performers how to mimic advanced sleight of hand in a short amount of time and how to perform like a seasoned magician, pickpocket, or card sharp.

Want to learn the art of magic yourself?

Anyone who is interested can learn. Brett is available for private coaching for students of all ages and skill levels.

the show dips its toes into the realm of actual magic... some quite elaborate onstage magic from designer Brett Schneider, involving disappearances, levitations, and the like.
— The Chicago Tribune